Yes, I live in Indonesia. What kind of country is Indonesia? If you heard it from the news or search it in Google, you may these words: “corrupt”, “terrorism”, “tsunami”, “human rights”, “Obama”, and so on. Of course it’s hard to be proud as Indonesian, you will know why if you live here. This country used to be the greatest country in South East Asia in Soekarno and Soeharto era. But now, this country has nothing to be proud of. We used to shine in badminton, but now we’re almost nothing.  Pancasila, the original treasure of Indonesian multicultural values, is only history. Don’t talk about human rights, Indonesian has forgotten the basic principle in human rights: RESPECT. And yes, it’s full of corruption, not just in beurucray but also in life. The integrity is gone in anywhere, the artist are plagiarist, the doctors are medicine sellers, the televisions only cares about ratings, and then teenlit, esex-esex movies, fake reality shows, and so on and so on.

So why do I still live here? Of course, because people that I love live here. And I live here for the rest of my life, so however Indonesia has been part of my soul too. Once, I went to Singapore, I can see how racialist I am. I hate Indonesian people, they are ugly, fake, gross, stupid and so on and so on but I still feel more comfortable with them than I do with foreigners. And when I saw how difficult to live and struggle in foreign country, I became very lazy to face the good opportunity. I think Indonesia has corrupt my soul too. I’m surprised to see how ignorant and materialistic person I become. Hahaha.

You are what you watch, you are what you read, you are what you see, what you hear, what you eat, what you breath. Thank you Indonesia, you’ve made me the product of degradation of humanity.

I’m Ms whatever whatever now.


2 pemikiran pada “whatever

  1. ada beberapa yg salah grammar sm salah spelling. ada kata yg lupa diketik tp gapapa.

    saya suka content-nya. jujur sekali. XD

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