Okay everyone, let me introduce you my recently favorite fictional characters. Here they are:

Mafalda: Quino’s masterpiece

Have you heard about Mafalda? A little girl who loves peace,  truly humanist, a little bit feminist, has a great sense of satire humor and deep concern about worldwide social-politic situations. She lived in the era of military dictator  in Argentina (1964-1973).  Her dad is a low paid employee who loves plants and her mom is a very dedicated housewife. They live in a not-very- large apartment.  Mafalda has very unique close friends: Miguelito (the little philosopher),  Felipe (big fan of Lone Ranger), Manolito (the materialistic business minded boy) and Susanita (the housewife wannabe).  I love the hate-love relationship between Mafalda and her dad. It’s funny an kinda romantic, huahaha. I love Mafalda’s dad, he’s so gullible, especially toward of his beloved daughter. I also love Manolito and Susanita, I think they have a very extremely strong character since they were children, hohoo, I envy them. I feel a little bit like Manolito (we both love money and economics LOL) and I think my sister is like Mafalda (she’s very cynical and has a sharp tongue too).  Btw recently, Gramedia has released Mafalda with Indonesian translation in 5 series, you can find it in your local Gramedia store.

Babar the Elephant by Jean de Brunhoff (1931)

I’ve read Histoire de Babar from the CCF library and simply fall in love with it. I think french has a very good sentimental artwork even in writing the children book. I hate the way Babar lost his mother that killed by a hunter.  But I love the part he runaway from the jungle and live in the city and befriended with the old lady.  And then when he returns to the jungle, become a king and married his cousin Celeste. I think it’s a little bit like metaphor of African immigrants who change their life by studying in Europe then return to their home country as one of the most  important person.


3 pemikiran pada “Mafalda and Babar

  1. yaaaayyy!!! saya suka 2 cerita tersebut! *formal abis

    Mafalda bener2 bikin kita bisa berpikir sekaligus tertawa di tengah situasi dunia yg sulit

    Kalo Babar ceritanya sediiiihhh…. tp inspiratif dan gambarnya lucu 😀

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