The International Rhino Foundation Blog

Some rhino signs are subtle, others are striking.  For example, I can’t describe the faint odor of rhino urine very well, but I can recognize it now, having gotten several whiffs in the field.  Though invisible to the human eye, it verifies the animal’s presence.  The trail of a rhino through the brush, by contrast, can be as unmistakable as the physical evidence left by someone who just drove a Jeep through your living room.  A single rhino can carve a wide tunnel through the vegetation or bring down a small tree just to reach a tempting mouthful of leaves in the upper branches.

Rhino trails are not random pathways through the forest.  They connect locations, such as streams, salt licks and wallows that have behavioral and ecological significance.  Rhinos need to drink, they require trace minerals in their diet, and they routinely spend time coating themselves with mud to…

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