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Sumatra is just half an hour from here. I’ve never visited it, but I’m awfully curious. So, I was excited to hear today that the World Wildlife Fund put cameras in the forest there and caught pictures of 5 species of wild cats! You can see them here:

• World Wildlife Fund, Remarkable images of big cats urge forest protection.

I’ve been curious about the smaller wild cats of Asia ever since I met this absurdly sweet thing which belongs to a friend of mine named Julia Strauss:

Julia lives in London, but she went all the way to Wales to buy this cat. Why? Because it’s a Bengal. That means it’s a crossbreed of an ordinary domestic cat with a leopard cat!

The leopard cat, Prionailurus bengalensis, is the most widespread of the Asian small cats. It has a huge range, from the Amur region…

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