Making memories in every dish


Whenever we go out, both daddy and the son always order this dish (either claypot or hotpot tofu) when they see this dish on the menu. Of course I got bored easily, so I let them finished the claypot tofu by themselves.

Lil boy, who is a picky eater when we eat out (although at home he will eat whatever I serve on the table), likes this dish a lot and this is one of the not so many dishes that he can eat outside. He basically only likes the tofu and not so fond of other ingredients.

One thing that we never like from hotpot tofu is the egg at the bottom of the pan. No one likes to eat it, so it will always go wasted on the pan.

The problem with ordering claypot tofu is that it can be quite expensive and the cheapest one comes with…

Lihat pos aslinya 754 kata lagi


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