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The Court System in Indonesia is, like the U. S. system, three-tiered with one national supreme court in Jakarta, the Nation’s capital. The major difference is that the Indonesian system is all part of one national system without a separate state (or provincial) court system.  There are, however, 4 separate kinds of courts at the lowest tier of the system.  OK, here, thanks to Dr. Zaidun, Dean of the Law School at Airlangga University and several faculty members (our English students!!)  is a quick description of the system:

Basically, the courts of Indonesia are structured or divided into three tiers or levels. These levels are the District Courts, the High Courts and the Supreme Court.  There is a district court in each regency (a regency is the equivalent of a county in the United States) and there is a High Court in each province (a province is the equivalent of a…

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