I’ve just read the news today that some teacher in France was sadistically murdered for drawing cartoon of Prophet Muhammad. France President and also the people react very angry about this. They claims that radical muslims is the enemy of freedom.

Before this, years ago, there was a terrorist attack to Charlie Hebdo magazine office, also because of Prophet Muhammad cartoon.

In Islam, drawing of Prophet Muhammad is forbidden. Moreover drawing cartoon that insulting the Prophet. It’s reasonable that muslim will react angrily to the cartoon.

But should they have to commit murder to people who mock their Prophet? I don’t know if they have a reason from Quran or Hadith to legitimate their action.

Liberal media often mock religions not just Islam in the name of freedom of speech. But I never heard people from other religion beside Islam get very mad so they have to commit murder. I think because of this, the liberal people blame muslims for this tradegy.

I am not a fan of radical muslims like Al Qaeda and ISIS and other terrorist group as they attack civil people in peaceful country.

Prophet Muhammad himself was very patient and forgiving if there any people insulted him. He only killed people in war.

I think the best way to react to those who mock the prophet is not with violence. You can curse them or just ignore their primitive behaviour. They will get their punishment in the next life. As written in Quran, surah Al Kahfi verse 106: “That is their reward: Hell, for their disbelief and mockery of My signs and messengers.”


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