15 years, when I was 21, something happened that made me who I am now. Depok was and still very hot place on earth. It’s crowded city with many students of many universities like Pancasila, Gunadarma, IISIP and of course the famous University of Indonesia.

There are a lot of green and trees in University of Indonesia to balance the hot air. And it has famous lake and city forest.

The train station is always busy and that is the main transportation of Depok people. The train now is more modern and comfy. Not like 15 years ago, the train is always overcrowded, many free rider on the roof of the train and lots of criminals.

There were also many bus from Depok station to Pasar Minggu, Blok M, Kota, Tanah Abang, Grogol, Tanjung Priuk, etc that no longer exist. The yellow bus that went around faculties of Indonesia is also no longer exist, replaced by Go-jek.

There are a lot of boarding house for students around Depok, mostly in Kober, Kukusan and Pochin. Depok even have apartement for student now. Last months, I visit the boarding house I used to rent 15 years ago. Not so much change.


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