I thought I knew her


According to a friend, “This writing managed to stomach Palahniuk’s work-phrases, choice of words, yadda yadda”. I was young at the time of writing, so pardon me

If you expect to find a twist in this story—like the kind of story which at the end you’d say “Oooh, I didn’t see it coming at all”–, go read something else. This story will be boring, flat, same old same old predictable; just like your life. Consider this as a test drive of your life; you read the same headlines everyday, you watch the same tv shows everyday, you do the job you hate everyday, bottom line, you bore yourself everyday. You like twists in a story because those are the kind of thing filling its absence in your scheduled life. If you’d expect to wonder around the characters guessing who’s actually the killer, and in the end you’d say “Aah, that simple detail!, I didn’t see it coming at all”, go…

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